Co-founder, Chief Teacher

Responsibilites at Lerni:
Content development, community building, customer success.

A teacher and a teacher trainer who loves learning something new every day. A lifetime devoted fan of music festivals and art exhibitions. One of the most influential edtech expert in the language learning profession.
As a master of English Philology with a vast experience in teaching, she loves exploring how brains react to languages. She has been awarded the European Language Label Award and is now a PhD candidate.

The author of the first online multimedia English textbook registered by the Ministry of Education. She has a 6-year experience in designing language e-courses. She has trained more than 1,000 teachers on how to use technology to prompt language learning and has gathered a community of over 2,500 language teachers:Teachers2tech

She is a big fan of social initiatives and organizes events whose aims are to promote democratic learning, modern education, IT resources in education. She works with the Polish Ministry of Education on projects connected with changing approach to language education.

She is the co-founder of Lerni app and hopes it will change the teacher-learner dynamics in many dimensions. She managed traditional language learning courses for over 400 students, different e-learning courses she managed amounted to over 500,000 registered user base and over 50,000 paid customers in over 40 countries.


Responsibilites at Lerni:
Development of educational content, creating of the community.

A teacher, translator, mother and, if time allows, a vocalist. Philosophy and English Philology graduate, at work she tries to combine the knowledge of how to teach with the knowledge of what a language is and how it works. In lerni she is responsible for creating and improving the content, developing teachers' community centered around the Lerni for Teachers portal. She likes to create and use new tools that help to teach and learn.

Co-founder, CEO

Responsibilites at Lerni:
Operational management, marketing management, cashflow management, business data analysis.

Young dynamic leader, he manages a team of 5 people of different nationality. He has structured and established sales in B2C sector, by increasing the amount of over 150 distribution partners in more than 40 countries. He designed and prepared a lot of tools which currently help to plan, organize, motivate and control the work of whole sales department and is responsible for product data analysis. He and his team generated saas product sales of over 2 million USD to over 50k customers.

Co-founder, Product Manager
Entrepreneur focused on creating strong teams capable of changing the EdTech world.

Responsibilites at Lerni:
business and product development strategy, public and investors relations.

With over 10 years of experience in team and education institutions management, Bartlomiej Postek is one of the most experienced EdTech experts in Poland. He specializes in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) - creation, management and marketing.

He personally managed MOOCs with over 1 000 000 registered user base in over 100 countries and thousands of multimedia content modules. He focuses on showing the possibilities how internet courses can enhance education and marketing performance of institutions such as Universities, schools and businesses.

Co-founder, Senior Software Developer.

Responsibilites at Lerni:
Software Development, database management, product architecture.

A coder who specializes in web solutions. He likes watching good TV series and spending time with friends.

As a professional IT developer, he e has always been focused on web applications and used web technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. In his experienced he has also worked with a wide range of different libraries and within various frameworks (Phalcon, Zend, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap). He also has experience in developingmobile apps (Android) and server management knowledge.

Mikolaj created Lerni as an application that aims at creating the best multimedia language learning environment. Having experience in working on EdTech products, new ideas and a desire to use the latest technology Lerni has been designed to overcome the problems known from previous projects to develop and improve existing solutions and provide the opportunity to the greatest expansion of the product in an easy and transparent way. The technologies used in Lerni allow for the implementation of quick changes to the components of Lerni e-courses and solving bugs or errors right after they are found.

Product availability as a Web application allows you to run it in any environment with Internet access. The entire architecture has been designed with the aim of expanding the functionality (features) on the user side and the administration functions. Working on Lerni means interesting challenges that motivate and boost both product and personal development.

IT Project Manager

Responsibilites at Lerni:
content management, technical support, quality assurance, user data analysis.

Responsibility for the delivery, quality and management of content, establishing and maintaining the correct structures to control and monitor the deliverables to the client. Risk identification and mitigation actions in order to minimize their impact of the project. Execution of the tasks as defined in the project plan in order to achieve the product goals and ensure timely completion of it tasks. Program testing, simple programming & designing. Tomasz has over 5 years experience in project management, over 4 years in IT project management and over 2 years in EdTech industry.

Software Developer, Product Development, contractor

Adam has over 13 years of software development experience. He managed IT teams in Poland, Germany and United Arab Emirates. He founded “Codearena” a startup which helps programmers develop their skills, he co-founded language learning startup “Lingly” while being in UAE (project had been shut down in 2014).

He’s an author of multiple e-learning applications for multiple platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) which have over 1 million registered user base. His applications had been awarded with multiple prizes like Appaward 2014 (for Lerni) and Mobile Trends 2016 main award (education) for Early Logic app.