Catch is a very nice verb. You can catch the wind in a net, catch somebody red-handed and catch somebody's eye BUT nothing is so exciting as cathcing somebody with their pants down ;-) If you are the ...więcej
No, it does not mean that lots of cats and dogs are falling from the sky ;-) It's said when it's raining really heavily.więcej
Milk is a drink that must be handled carefully. What does it mean? You cannot boil it, you cannot pour it too fast, and in case you spill it... don't cry. There's no point crying over spilt milk. Just...więcej
If you are happy, content, and you feel sky is the limit, or you're in love or you have just won the lottery it means you probably are on cloud nine. It has nothing to do with clouds or numbers, thoug...więcej
Dear Lerni,
Being fit is very important for your well being and mood. I know it's tough and really slow to get into shape but please, don't make it any slower by quitting. Yours si...więcej
You can't believe your eyes, you can't believe your ears? Do you remember a situation in which you reacted this way? You must have been flabbergasted. You were probably amazed, astonished, astounded, ...więcej
Falling in love tales time but once you fall in love, you are in love and then you feel the person you felt in love with is one of a kind and so on... Falling in love is quite dangerous, but sometimes...więcej
Yo don't need to write it down. You don't need to prepare any documents. If it's said, it's done. This is how the gentleman's agreement works.
In other words: go crazy.
e.g. 'I'll go bananas if you don't tell me what happened.'
The phrase is taken from the Bible story in which the Lord promises to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and into a land flowing with milk and honey. Maybe you know it?więcej
Hot potato means that either you just boiled in in this water, or... you have in mind a topic to discuss, usually a controversial one.więcej