We use it when something is done in an orderly manner. For example, you can learn how to read step by step: first, you learn the alphabet. Second, you learn how to read separate letters. Finally, you ...więcej
If you happen to be sophisticated, it means you have a good knowledge of art, fashion, politics, etc. It also implies having a lot of knowledge and experience of difficult or complicated subjects and ...więcej
If you steal somebody's heart it means you are so attractive to them so they start loving you, which probably is not easy ;-) Like all kinds of love.więcej
There are different types of show: reality shows, horse shows, light shows, quiz shows, TV or radio shows and late night shows. One is certain: the show musyt go on. The other one is certain, too: you...więcej
Today's teenagers are really tech-savvy. They cannot leave home without their mobile phone or tablet. They're constantly updating their social media accounts. What apps do you use? Snapchat, Pinterest...więcej
If you look up to somebody, it means you admire the person. For example, teenagers always look up to their idols. It means they often followwięcej
The best ideas are mind-blowing. If the idea is not mind-blowing, it means it does not generate fireworks in your brain ;-) You will probably not remember it for a long time. What I if...więcej
I've done everything what had to be done so far. I've prepared the documents, I've invited the people. The ball is in you court. (=now it's your turn) What have you done in this matter?więcej
Never ever let anybody tell you what you can and can't do in your life. Remember - your sky, your limits. #YOLO Prove the cynics wrong for they have no imagination :)więcej
If something costs an arm and a leg it means it is really expensive. What is expensive? Fancy cars, lavish parties, designer clothes, jewellery. Do you know other examples? Everything fake is cheap. A...więcej