Students go to school to learn and, guess what, have some social life! But you know what is even more surprising? That fish and some mammals that live under water also want to have some form of social...więcej
CENT - a unit of money (1/100 of a U.S. dollar)
SCENT - a nice, pleasant smell perfume
1. 50 Cent is the stage nickname of Curtis James Jackson III. ...więcej
A storm is a storm, right? Violent, great and aggressive. But in a teacup? It is not a big container, so when we talk about a storm in a teacup we need to imagine the real size of it - not big,...więcej
PAWS - the feet of an animal that has claws
PAUSE - a temporary stop
1. The cat PAUSED the video with its PAWS.
2. I would like to take a PAUSE in my...więcej
To drag down - to make somebody feel unhappy
1. Harry: 'With your love, nobody can DRAG me DOWN.'
2. Stop DRAGGING me DOWN with all your problems!
3. ...więcej
Don't judge someone/something by its appearanc
1. She doesn't look very intelligent, but YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.
2. Don't go falling in love with that gi...więcej
Definition:continuously for many weeks
Example: Who wants to do the same things at school week in week out?więcej
To bother or irritate someone
1. The kid is GETTING UNDER the dog's SKIN.
2. He really GOT UNDER my SKIN when he said women were bad drivers.
3. You ...więcej
Teacher's favourite student
You're always ready to show your homework, answer the questions and help the teacher. You're such a teacher's pet!więcej
MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT - to summarize a longer story and avoid a long explanation
1. Please, get to the point and MAKE YOUR LONG STORY SHORT.
2. TO MAKE A LONG STORY ...więcej
WINE & WHINE are pronounced - /wʌɪn/ WINE - an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice 1. What would you like to drink? - A glass of white WINE.
WHINE - to complain in a...więcej
PATIENCE - the ability to wait, or to continue doing something
1. PATIENCE - they'll be here soon!
2. In the end, I lost my PATIENCE and shouted at her. 3. To work with PATIENCEwięcej